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6 Unusual Romantic Spots in Europe

A recent research sponsored by Auto Europe suggests Brits could do with a bit of extra romance and passion on holiday. 27% of Brits ‘never get intimate’ on holiday, although 31% usually see ‘some passion’. Reignite that love spark at…

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Favourite Holiday Foods

Favourite Holiday Foods Competition

Time for a competition! What’s the best meal you have tried on holiday? Tell us for a chance to win a £30 Amazon gift voucher. To enter, share what new and exciting dish you tried on holiday by commenting on our Facebook or Twitter page.

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Summer Reads

5 holiday reads to pack in your suitcase this summer

“The sea, sun and a book” sounds like a perfect combination for a relaxing holiday. Brits spend a lot of time reading on holiday, reading approximately 2.5 books each. That leaves us with the never-ending story question, what titles to take on holiday. And that means two or three books. Our blog is going to give you some inspiration for the summer reads.

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car hire US

Perfect Offline Holiday

Technology has advanced and, along with its progress, the original purpose of making our lives easier has been overshadowed with its consequences. The benefits of technology are no doubt many and we’re not trying to deny them. The negative side…

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Sunbathing Tips

Top tips for staying safe in the sun on holiday

With the summer in full swing, many of us cannot wait to hit the beach and soak up the sun. It turns out we can do a lot to help our skin get ready for sunbathing even before we get on the plane to a sunny paradise.

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