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5 Things The Hunger Games Taught Me About Travel

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It’s not every day that Hollywood treats us to a blockbuster action movie with a female lead and an actual plot. There’s plenty to be learned from this – not the least of which that movies with female leads and plot lines actually make money. But this is a car hire travel blog, so let’s focus on all the great things the Hunger Games taught me about travel. ATTENTION: there may be SPOILERS.

1. Pack light, practical clothes. Sure, Katniss could have fought the Hunger Games in ridiculously minimalistic outfits good for nothing except for a bit of fan service, but we bet she would have got killed pretty quickly if that had been the case. When you travel, you want to pack light clothes that won’t wrinkle too much, that you can dress in layers for different temperatures and that won’t make your bag too heavy. You also want something you can move comfortably around in and that won’t get dirty too easily. Pro-tip: rolling your clothes will save space and stop them from wrinkling.

2. Toto, you are not in Kansas anymore. To someone from district 12, the people from the capitol no doubt seem odd and outlandish with their over the top clothing and garish makeup (also, their complete disregard for the welfare of teenagers…). When travelling you’ll come across many different cultures and you must try your best to be respectful of their ways, no matter how odd they may seem. You know, unless they try to throw you into an arena to fight to the death. In that case, run for your life.

3. Beware of poisonous berries. Trying different foods is one of the best things about travelling. Foodies everywhere delight in the delicacies of foreign countries, trying the most outlandish things just for the sake of it. This may be a great thing, but keep in mind that your stomach may not be as obliging as you are. Use caution and common sense when trying new things. Also, it’s always a good idea to pack some stomach medicine, just in case 😉

4. The chameleon technique. In most situation in life, you don’t actually need to paint your clothes and skin to seamlessly blend in with your environment. All you need to do is act like you belong. Travellers often make for easy targets for pickpockets and petty criminals. In order to foil their evil plans, try to do without the things that make you stand out as a tourist.

Plan your itinerary beforehand so you don’t need to carry a map; choose a sensibly-sized portable camera – if it’s bigger than your head, that’s not sensibly-sized; don’t walk around aimlessly; dress like a local. If you’re driving around with a car hire in France, or in any other country, ask the supplier if you can remove any stickers that identify the vehicle as a rental. Don’t leave any valuables in the car.

5. Insect repellent is your friend. Yes, tracker jackers are only a figment of Suzanne Collins’s mind and the odds that you’ll come across mutant killer wasps is slim to none. However, there are plenty of places around the globe where insects can carry dangerous diseases, and even more where they are a damn nuisance. Insect repellent is cheap, easy to carry, and will save you quite the headache later on.

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