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British Spring Traditions

“It’s dopamine.”, explains science. Now we finally know why spring makes us euphoric and all giddy with joy. Completely unconscious of chemical process in our body, we still get to feel the enticement and even light vertigo at the very…

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What Annoys Us on Holiday

What annoys us on holiday?

We have taken a reversed approach to find out what makes people happy on holiday. Instead of asking what makes them contented, we inquired about what disturbs them. In other words, we have followed the idea “what doesn’t upset you makes you happier”.

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Rothenburg Germany

The Romantic Road in Germany

There is hardly any other German tourist route as popular as the Romantic Road, one of the world’s oldest itineraries for keen holidaymakers. The concept of the Romantic Road is based quite loosely on an old Roman route with a…

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One Way Car Hire Bookings

One Way Car Hire with Auto Europe

Have you ever thought about making a car hire booking where you pick up the car in one location, and drop it off in another? Thanks to these so-called one way bookings, you can fly to your first destination, pick up your car, drive to your final destination and fly back home – the perfect arrangement for a road trip!

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Tips for hiring and driving a car abroad

How does Refundable Excess work?

With the growing popularity of Auto Europe’s Refundable Excess product, we would like to make it more understandable for those of our clients who are in two minds about purchasing the product. This blog post explains the advantages of the Refundable Excess package.

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